When suffering from erectile dysfunction, you definitely want to know the best over the counter erectile dysfunction pills. The current market has many pills for erectile dysfunction. These drugs have differences and your choices can be limited by their price. Nevertheless, taking these drugs brings about an erection that is sufficient to have a satisfactory intercourse in most otherwise healthy men.

best over the counter erectile dysfunction pills

Almost half of all men between the age of 40 and 70 years have erectile dysfunction of some levels. It’s also estimated that 4 in 10 men above the age of 45 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. It’s important to note that erectile dysfunction is not necessarily caused by old age. It’s only that older men have most likely been exposed to erectile dysfunction causes more than young men.

Why Take the Best over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills Only

There are many remedies for erectile dysfunction in the contemporary society. Some of them have been proven effective in improving this condition. However, some are ineffective and dangerous to some extent.

It is therefore important that you take precaution when taking these pills. Most importantly, talk to your doctor before you take any over the counter pill for erectile dysfunction. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by a reduction in the flow of blood due to blocked arteries. Therefore, lifestyle changes like keeping body weight in check and exercising can improve this condition.

Top over the Counter Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the best over the counter drugs for treating erectile dysfunction include:


Prelox is an erectile dysfunction drug that combines ingredients that enhance blood flow. These are pycnogel and L-arginine. These ingredients increase the flow of blood thereby increasing the levels of nitric oxide. This chemical causes expansion of arteries.

Patients that take Prelox for several months get normal erections within a month. There are also patients that report having normal erections after a day of starting their treatment. Unfortunately, this drug has side effects. That’s because L-arginine can lead to worsening symptoms of asthma, increasing bleeding risk, and gastrointestinal issues.


These pills are named after the tree they are made from. Yohimbe refers to a tree that grows in western African countries like Gabon, Nigeria, Congo, Zaire, and Cameroon. This tree has alkaloids on its bark. These alkaloids make the tree a popular aphrodisiac that increases libido.

Studies have shown that these alkaloids treat erectile dysfunction whose cause is not physical. Yohimbe dilates and relaxes the peripheral blood vessels thereby increasing the flow of blood into the penis. However, this treatment can have side effects like hypertension, hypotension, abdominal distress and paralysis.


Also called DHEA, this pill is basically a supplement that is used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This treatment works by enhancing sexual function and desire. It also improves mental functions while slowing down the overall aging process. Some patients have reported improvement in erectile function after using this medication. Nevertheless, there are people that do not show effects after using it.


Some of the best over the counter erectile dysfunction pills contain Korean ginseng as their major ingredient. This ingredient is used as sexual performance booster. It is very popular among people who believe that it improves their sexual performance.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D pills are also used to deal with erectile dysfunction. Many cases of erectile dysfunction have been linked to low vitamin D amounts in the body. There are common foods like green vegetables that supply this vitamin to the body. However, its levels in the body are quickly boosted by taking supplements.

Zink Pills

Testosterone hormone and zinc are closely related. This mineral has been proven effective in raising the levels of this hormone in males. This enhances libido.


Some over the counter drugs for erectile dysfunction contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to help treat erectile dysfunction. When flavonoids are taken in high doses, a person can develop resistance to the development of erectile dysfunction.

In addition to over the counter pills, there are also herbal supplements that are used to improve ED. Nevertheless, before you use any of these medications, talk to your doctor especially if you are already undergoing treatment for ED or related conditions.

Things to Know about Over the Counter Pills for Erectile Dysfunction

These drugs are designed to enable patients to achieve an erection on demand or on a long-term basis. It’s therefore important to note that over the counter medication erectile dysfunction products are not curative medicines. This implies that you will still face difficulties in having an erection on quitting their use.

Best over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills to consider

Additionally, you should avoid using the pills contrary to the provided instructions. Remember that these chemicals interact with your body. Therefore, they can cause serious negative effects on your body when not used properly.

It’s also not guaranteed that these pills will work. Nevertheless, the best pills have admirable success rates. What’s more, majority of them are not cheap. Therefore, be prepared to spend a significant amount of money on them.

Over the Counter Medication Erectile Dysfunction Costs

The cost of the pills for erectile dysfunction varies considerably. This variation depends on factors like prescription co-pays, pharmacy price, and health insurance coverage level. The out-of-pocket cost for each pill can range between $15 and $20. But, even if the price is covered by private insurance, you might be limited to only four doses each month.

Here are tips to help you contain the costs:

  • Shop around because the prices of erectile dysfunction pills vary.
  • Consider pill splitting to get higher doses of pills then divide them.
  • Explore discount programs of their manufacturers to get a limited medications supply that is not covered by the insurance.

To get the results you desire from your use of ED pills, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Also remember that these drugs may not work well if you don’t have sexual stimulation. Therefore, take the pills while having foreplay with your partner. Don’t take the pills while doing taxes then meet your partner later thinking you will be ready for an intercourse. It might not work.

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